Time check: 3:18pm

Four days ago is a bit magical. Okay, that’s an exaggeration but it felt like it.

I got accepted!

I was given conditional offers for the two out of three universities I applied to. It wasn’t the dream university per se, but it is a good one (the one I’m considering accepting). I was over the clouds and shocked when I was browsing through my email last Tuesday. I was at work, working obviously, when I got the emails! It wasn’t at the same time but after each other! How timely!

Until today, I’m overwhelmed with the feeling and very motivated to review for my English exam (which is yet to be booked, up at least I’m super confident). I needed a 6.0 but I am aiming for a higher grade, and thus, the intense studying I’m doing every night since two weeks ago. I’m not particularly bad in English but I’m not that good either. So, I’m really thankful for the available sources of reviewers and videos online. I chose not to enroll in a review school, first, because I work everyday and second, I’m in a tight budget right now. That’s why I have to restrict myself more, not to spend my precious allowance so I could book my exam!

Okay, so that is up with this week!

Every week is a work week but this one definitely made it more interesting. I hope to take the test as soon as I could and attain my score goal!

How about you? How is your March?

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